Freedom Friday: You Choose

IMG_1560Happy Freedom Fridays Moms!

Today we stop for a moment to reflect on freedom. I’m not just talking about physical freedom…but mental, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Sometimes, we are the ones in our own way.  Other times, we are employing other people to stop us.  In life, it’s so easy to let people get-to-you.  Trigger you.  Steal your joy.  But we must commit to not let them.  And that means disengage.  No matter what they say, how they react…you have a choice.  You have the final say.  How much do you love yourself?  How much is your peace of mind worth?  Then let your behaviors match that.

As mothers, we have so much to do.  We have the great gifts of children to raise and lessons to learn and then share with others.  We must protect our hearts and minds from others.  Let people go crazy…on there own.

Let’s Win,



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